How do we overcome driver shortage issues?

The logistics industry has seen many changes over the years.

We’ve seen new technology implemented to make driving safer and more efficient, the road network developing and improving and, more recently, an increase in demand for delivery over the pandemic.

But one thing has remained a constant throughout the years, and that is the issue with getting younger, new drivers employed.

For the last six years or so, it’s been a constant cycle trying to attract new talent into the industry – but the struggle remains.

So, what’s the issue?

Commercial driving is an aging workforce, and to make matters worse, it’s one which is also shrinking.

Largely, this is a result of additional compliance being put in place since DCPC was introduced back in 2009.

Therefore, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for drivers to obtain a commercial license, with more costs being added to the process.

For example, drivers who would have acquired rights in 2009 left the industry in 2015, when they would need to complete their first periodic training. In many cases this would be due to their age and not wanting the additional outlay, which is understandable.

Not only this, but insurance is expensive!

Often it requires workers to be have held their licence for more than two years, with more than six months driving experience over the age of 25. It’s just not realistic!

Whilst there are anomalies to this, in the most common form this obstacle doesn’t lend itself to attracting the younger, newly qualified into the industry – we seem to more often than not just add obstacles to employing.

How do we overcome it?

There have been a number of different attempts to revitalise the industry over the years.

With different initiatives being put in place, such as companies taking part in schemes such as the ‘Warehouse to Wheels’ training, to try and encourage more people to obtain their licenses after having spent more than 12 months at NVQs.

The idea is that this will then assist them with bringing the costs down of their insurance, to help them pay for the increasing cost of a commercial license – which younger people often still can’t afford their commercial license.

Although this is a fantastic initiative, ‘Warehouse to Wheels’ campaigns are often not that successful and, perhaps, need a bit more of a push.

The logistics industry needs to come together to help younger drivers, give them more support throughout the earlier stages of their careers to help expand and diversify the industry.

Erica Turner, Operations Director at StaffCo Direct, said:

“In an ideal world, the industry would spend time in investing in newly qualified drivers to gain experience would not only help attraction, but retention too.

This would help us be able to mould people into client specific procedures, processes give them an all-round worker in the end.

If nothing changes, it will diminish and prices will keep climbing – as seen in recent events – the country will always need delivery drivers in some shape or form – whilst we look to deliver goods in other formats such as air, rail, seas etc – there will always be a need for road!”

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