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January. Usually, a quiet time on the borders and for trade, but this year was more so.

Why? Well, simply put, because of the uncertainty caused by one of the most widely talked about things since a decision June 2016 …

No, not Trump’s time in US Office, but Brexit.

Yes, ‘The B Word.’

Since the referendum there has been so much discussion and confusion as to what it will mean for hauliers; “what will happen IF or WHEN?” Will it be chaotic at the borders? How will we cope?

But now it has actually gotten over the line – what does the New Era of Post-Brexit trade look like?

Actually, the early indications are suggesting the opposite of chaos. As we’ve had an eerily quiet month.

As previously stated, the start of the year is typically among the quietest times for cross-Channel journeys, after the Christmas rush. But it is said that large numbers of drivers, who would have made the trip, opted to defer because Brexit.

On a typical January day where, usually, up to 10,000 trucks would make the crossing – only 800 HGVs were expected to use the Port of Dover and Channel Tunnel. That’s about 8% of the normal number. Harrowing figures for trade.

So, is this something we can expect to see as standard going forward? Or is it due to a number of factors? New Year, the coronavirus pandemic, and lockdown across Europe?

The Road Haulage Association (RHA) estimates that the UK will have to jump through hoops to continue trading with EU countries, saying that around 220 million new forms will now need to be filled in on a yearly basis to allow flow to continue, and even to allow permits to even drive on the roads leading to ports, such as Dover.

How do we at StaffCo Direct see it shaping up?

Managing Director, Danny Hobbs, said: “Brexit’s already impacted the driver market.  It’s impacted StaffCo probably 18-24 months ago – whether we’ve seen EU drivers not take the risk, stay put and see what happens or, the opposite, and take advantage of the settlement scheme.

“It’s mainly impacted our clients, they are the people who are the ones who are going to have to go through those extra, stringent checks, especially if they’re delivering near the port.

“I think, to start with, it’s been a slow burn and we haven’t seen the full impact. That’s possibly down to the lockdown restrictions in place at the moment.

“This new era of post-Brexit trade is certainly going to have an impact on their industry, especially in the agency driver market.

“We know all of the changes we have seen in the past five years will provide some sticky situations, but rest assured StaffCo Direct will be here, with a driver supply and will be able to assist you at any time, so be sure to give us a call.”

StaffCo Direct provide drivers for your business when you need them most. We are dedicated to supporting your day-to-day operations by helping you overcome the peaks and troughs of the transport and logistics industry.

By providing drivers for over 3,000 shifts a week across the United Kingdom thanks to our growing pool of 2,500 fully qualified, competent and safe drivers.

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