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With a lot of advice being issued from the government regarding transport and logistics on a daily basis, we’ve put together some of the key information that you need to know about.

Essential Work

The Department for Transport considers it essential that the work of the logistics sector should continue to the greatest extent possible through the COVID-19 crisis. The government have confirmed that a truckers travel to work is now classed as essential therefore those employed to drive vehicles delivering goods can be issued with a letter confirming this.

If you would like a copy of this letter, please contact your StaffCo Direct consultant who will be able to issue this to you. Make sure that you keep this on your person whilst travelling to and from work, and in your cab whilst at work.

MOT Testing Suspended

The DVSA have suspended MOT testing for lorries and trailers for 3 months from 21 March 2020.

Exemption certificates will be issued automatically, unless this is the vehicles first MOT, then you will need to apply for this certificate.

Relaxation of the EU driver hours rules

The government website states a temporary relaxation of the EU driver hours rules. These rules have been adjusted until 21 April for those carrying goods by road.

This relaxation is permitted only to drivers supplying supermarkets with food, alongside other essential items – this includes the movement of such goods from importers, manufactures and suppliers to distribution centres. It does not apply to drivers undertaking deliveries directly to consumers.

Driver safety must not be compromised during this period, and drivers should not be expected to drive whilst tired. Employers remain responsible for the health and safety of their employees, other road users, and anyone involved in loading and unloading vehicles.

Driver access to welfare facilities

All drivers must have access to welfare facilities in the premises that they visit as part of their work.

Some reports have revealed that some drivers have been denied access to welfare facilities when delivering their goods. Preventing access is against the law.

Those who already provide reasonable access to toilets and hand washing facilities should continue to do so.

With the advice for hands to be washed regularly, failure to allow access to welfare facilities may increase the risk of the COVID-19 infection spreading.

IR35 delayed until 2021

The government has postponed tax reforms to off-payroll working rules known as IR35 for the private sector until 2021, to help ease the strain COVID-19 is putting on businesses and individuals.


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