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What can we do to ensure we are always staying safe on the roads?

Warehousing, HGVs, motorway driving, long hours racking up high miles are all things that can contribute to a difficult working environment, but there are a number of things that can be done to keep the level of risk down.

Recently, the government reviewed the Highway Code, and some of the proposed revisions raised a few eyebrows.

The changes will see three new laws introduced to the road which will include extra safety measures for pedestrians and cyclists and a new “Hierarchy of Road Users” concept, which will, in essence, mean road users who “can do the greatest harm” will have the biggest responsibility to reduce road danger.

This new legislation says this will apply most strongly to drivers of large vehicles.

Logistics UK recently released a statement, urging the government to make it clear that all road users have a responsibility to use the roads safely and considerably, not just HGV drivers.

At StaffCo Direct, we agree with this and feel that it is the duty of all road users to keep themselves and others around them safe.

Of course, everyone should always think carefully before getting in a cab or behind the wheel of any vehicle to be absolutely sure not to put yourself, or anyone else, in danger.


So, what can you do?

This got us thinking, what are things that we can do to ensure that drivers are as safe as possible before they set out on the roads?

It’s really simple stuff, but it may just be the case that you need a refresher.


Walk arounds

Standard stuff, right? But you would be surprised that sometimes people are a bit more lapsed with their walk rounds.

You need to check both inside, and outside the vehicle. Running thorough checks on things like mirrors, glass, ensuring no cracks, scratches or anything else untoward is showing.

Check the front view is unobstructed and the windscreen will stay clear, with things like wipers working and is the washer full? As a rule of thumb, there should be nothing in the swept area of the windscreen wipers.

Yes, some official stickers and road safety items are allowed, but only so long as they are not seriously blocking any view of the road.

There are so many things to keep in mind, check out the government checklist if you have to refresh your memory.


Are you qualified, and legal?

You will also need to ensure that you are fully qualified and legally allowed to drive the vehicle you are getting behind the wheel of.

Should it be a commercial vehicle, check you have passed the CPC course and have a valid driver qualification card in your wallet.

It’s just as important to ensure you are medically able to drive the vehicle by ensuring that things such as your eyesight and any prescriptions you may be on will not impact your ability to drive.

StaffCo Direct can offer advice on any of the above and give your drivers safety advice.

We can also help your business when you need them most, as we are dedicated to supporting your day to day operations by helping you overcome the peaks and troughs of the transport and logistics industry.

By providing drivers for over 3,000 shifts a week across the United Kingdom thanks to our growing pool of 2,500 fully qualified, competent and safe drivers.

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