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A driver hire agency provides recruitment services for businesses which require qualified drivers. A driver agency might provide anything from just a single driver for a day, at very short notice when a regular driver is unable to attend work, to a team of drivers to work on an ongoing basis.

The advantage for businesses is that they are able to draw on a large pool of qualified, reliable drivers without the need to advertise job vacancies or sift through a mountain of applications. This has the additional benefit of reducing administration costs and easing the workload on office staff.

At StaffCo Direct, we are able to draw on a roster of over 2,500 drivers, meaning that we can provide as many drivers as our clients require on whatever terms suit them. Meaning that our clients can maximise returns by keeping their fleet of vehicles out on the road regardless of staffing issues, in turn providing a reliable service for their own clients.

For the drivers themselves, driver agency work offers far greater flexibility than most regular employment. They can expect to start work at very short notice, and benefit from the potential to fit driver agency work around a primary job or other commitments.

If a driver hire agency is operating effectively, it should function as an extension of the client’s transport department while allowing them to easily adapt to the peaks and troughs associated with the industry. Instead of bearing the load of meeting ever changing staffing requirements themselves, all businesses need to do in order to fill their rota of driving shifts is pick up the phone or get in touch with their driver agency via email.

This system can work even more seamlessly if the agency is able to offer a ‘last minute’ service. In these cases, clients are able to contact their agency at a moment’s notice and expect a driver to be with them and ready for work within an hour. This can be invaluable when there is an unexpected absence due to illness or a ‘no-show’. It can also be extremely useful if a driver has been delayed on a previous job and needs time to meet their mandatory rest requirements.

Additionally, businesses who recruit drivers via StaffCo Direct benefit from peace of mind which comes from knowing that prospective drivers have passed our rigorous compliance checks. Meaning that all relevant qualifications have been verified, and references have been obtained.

Taking on driver agency work also makes good sense for the drivers themselves, as it gives them access to a range of different employers. StaffCo Direct in particular is a preferred supplier to over 35 national clients, meaning that drivers who register with us can expect plentiful supply of good quality work.

This is ideal for drivers who need to start work quickly or are perhaps looking for a short-term position to fill gaps between permanent jobs. It can also be highly suitable for semi-retired drivers who value regular extended time off work. These drivers are especially prized by our clients, who recognise the highly developed skills they have to offer.

So that, in a nutshell, is how this smart, flexible, and cost-effective means of recruiting driving staff works. Whether you are involved in the transport industry, logistics, removals, wholesale, retail, or any other industry which might require reliable, skilled, and trustworthy professional drivers, the advantages truly do speak for themselves.

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