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Your CPC is expiring – what does this mean and what do you need to do?

If you drive a lorry weighing more than 3.5 tonnes or a passenger carrying vehicle such as a bus or coach, keeping an up to date Driver Certificate of Professional Competence or Driver CPC training as required by EU law is definitely worth the time and money it costs. In fact, if you are actively driving and do not do the training required during each five year period you could be fined up to £1000.

Do I need a certificate?

For professional drivers standardised training every five years is essential in all cases. Different laws apply in Northern Ireland, and the cut-off dates which apply in terms of whether or not a driver will be deemed to be in possession of ‘acquired rights’ vary if the vehicle is not driven for ‘hire or reward’.

When do I need to do the training?

Professional drives are required to take part in standardised training with an approved training provider within five years of the expiry date printed on their current certificate.

How do I find a suitable training provider?

For self-employed drivers, approved training providers can be found via the Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training (or JAUPT) website. If you are employed by a haulage, logistics, transport or travel company, your employer should be able to provide access to suitable training. However, it is your responsibility as a driver of a lorry, bus or coach to ensure that the training provider has been approved by the government. In ether case, be sure to check that all training sessions are correctly recorded on the JAUPT website.

What will the training involve?

Drivers are required to complete 35 hours of training for each certificate renewal within a period of 5 years. 35 hours of training will be presented in 5 modules each including relevant information and knowledges in order to be able to comply with driving standards and road laws, rules and regulations. Expect to pay around £50-£80 plus VAT for an individual sessions

Final thoughts;

For those who already have the qualification, this is just a refresher of your existing knowledge. Always check the JAUPT website for your renewal dates and to understand what modules you still need to complete however you need to create an account first.

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